Friday, February 18, 2011

It's been a while....

If anyone is still reading, I'm still around.

I don't frequent the FPIES babycenter board anymore, but FPIES is still a part of our lives. I hope that very soon it won't be.

My son turned two last month. We decided to trial oats at home. We got to day two with no problems, and then BAM! a double ear infection.

Remember my experience with trialing milk the first time? What are the odds he'd get sick again with something on the same week of the trial, again!?

So, the good news is that he has most likely outgrown oats because there were no signs at all of GI issues. YAY! But, we have to re-do the trial. Probably starting next week. We want to trial it for 2 weeks before calling it safe since this was one of his trigger foods! Once he passes that, we'll probably wait a couple of months more, and trial rice once it has been 18 months since his last reaction with it.

So, wish us luck! I feel like this journey is finally ending. So hang in there to all of you that can't feel that way just yet.

Oh, and another great development-He has a veggie he loves and eats! Green Beans!! :)


  1. Just found your blog while researching FPIES. My 7.5 mo daughter was just diagnosed with FPIES to dairy for sure - challenge for soy at 1 year. I just wanted to say that your blog is very inspiring - I have hope that this too will pass. You seem so positive now! Thank you!

  2. I am still reading :-) So glad to hear that you guys are outgrowing this right at the two year mark too!! That gives us so much hope!!! Thanks for continuing to keep us updated - I know it would be easy to just close this chapter and move on -- so I appreciate you piping back in with updates when things are going so well!! Happy 2nd birthday to Kyle!

  3. Thanks for the updates and a happy bday to Kyle! It is very good to hear good news!!! :)