Friday, April 30, 2010

New Foods Galore

I scheduled a dairy trial for May 18th.
I am sooo excited.
I'm to that point where I almost don't know what to do with his food until we pass milk.
I'm so hopeful, and yet so scared of being disappointed. My gut tells me I won't be. That he will pass dairy, and we will blissfully move on to eating cheese, milk, yogurt, etc. and we can stop buying that nasty formula!! Although, he seems to like it OK. I can't stand the smell of it.
Anyway, Kyle has been doing great lately, and we've been kind of crazy with giving him foods. We give him pretty much any fruits now, and don't even bother trialing them. I hope we don't regret that. He has just never reacted to a fruit, so we keep going with that.
Today I gave him Craisins. He didn't go for those.
Oh, and the ham went great! Although, he only liked the organic from Whole Foods. Go figure?
Also, I gave him a ritz cracker today. This will be the first time he has eaten a significant amount of something with soy oil in it. So, I'm not too worried, but I hope it's OK.
Anyway....I'll keep you posted. We're doing good so far.

Plus, he had his 15 month well visit. He is still about 50% for height and weight. So, that is great! Sometimes it doesn't even feel like he is sick. I hope that continues.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Ham

OK, so we decided to get brave and trial a meat. Whew. I was scared. But, my baby boy (who is not really looking much like a baby anymore) tried ham for the first time on Sunday. No reaction....we are still doing good today. No reaction after lunch either where he gobbled that ham right up. Things are looking good!!
I'll keep you posted.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Taking a little break...

Please don't leave me!! I love that I have a few followers now. :)

We may not have the internet for the next couple of weeks while we are moving to our new place! YAY! Finally moving out of the in-laws and into a place of our own. It's only been about 4 months, but it always seems like FOREVER when you are living with someone else. No matter how great they might be.

Plus, it seems like we've had some snags since we've been here. Some of which I think are because Kyle is so into everything, and it's harder to control your environment when you are living in someone else's environment!

Anyway, we will be in our new place by April 15th.

On a good note, Kyle was "fired" by the speech pathologist this week. This is GREAT news. It means that he is not showing any delay in his motor skills when it comes to eating. What a difference just a month or two makes, and one or two new safe foods. We have seen drastic improvements in him since introducing wheat and eggs. But, as my previous post mentioned, I'm still unsure what to do next. I know there are some good mamas out there that have good advice.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. He seems more and more "normal" every day. I just have to get up the courage to get him caught up on his immunizations this coming month, and get even MORE courage to trial milk. Oh how I dread that. Seriously. But, if that door gets opened, I will be jumping up and down for joy!!!

Please keep checking back. I may or may not post the next two weeks....but, if I don't, you know where I am.